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Lucy Doyle Interview

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

For our latest interview we spoke to Lucy Doyle. Lucy has not only gone through, what could be described as a very typical female journey of believing her youthful genetics would keep her trim for life, only to be crushed by the realization that life just doesn’t work like that, but her journey through added weight, self loathing and life threatening illness back to a strong, confident, enviable physique and mindset, has already inspired thousands of others to a better path.

Lucy has been kind enough to give us some insight to her change, what makes her tic and her plans for the future.

Lucy Doyle - There is no failure except in no longer trying

My name is Lucy and I am married with two children aged 7 and 8.  So I was going to start from the beginning, but hey I don’t think I’m alone in saying I don’t even know when the beginning was, how it crept up on me but it sure as hell did!!

I grew up the tall lanky one in my family, always had it “easy” in terms of weight control- could eat what I like… My life was a whirlwind, met my wonderful husband when i was just 20 and we married and had children straight away.  I was pretty cocky when I fell pregnant with my oldest, looking at other soon to be mums that were in their early 30s.. Knowing at the young age of 23 i’d just ping back into shape.  Boy was I wrong!!!  To cut a long story short, it went downhill from there, overeating during pregnancy, developing a life threatening condition, being hospitalised. Over the following 3 years I gained several stone and was stuck in the spiral of self hate.. binging… hating myself more… comfort eating even more and finally- accepting that i was a woman now and this is the size i was probably meant to be.

What do you think made you finally decide to make positive changes in regards to your health. Was it a gradual realisation or did you have a “lightning bolt” moment? 

Due to a variety of reasons- obesity, lack of exercise and a very painful family trauma I became severely depressed and began to get weaker and weaker.  I developed Chronic Fatigue and I felt like a ghost.  My initial wake up call came when I fell asleep, only briefly, but it was enough.. in the park with my two toddlers playing. I finally hit rock bottom and felt angry that my children weren’t safe with their own mummy.  The following year or so, in truth was a  blur, I began dieting.  In typical form, I wanted the weight gone immediately and i knew id stop at nothing so I began following all the fad diets.  I was around 13.5 stone at 5ft 6… I did the cabbage soup diet, the Cambridge diet, Atkins, lighter life and when I had the strength I would just starve myself. At this point I felt very alone, very little support especially from other females.  Had i of had that, I know that they would have helped me see I didn’t need to go to those extremes!  I lost several stone.. great, awesome- or so I thought! Yet my body was as weak as ever, had to sleep so much and often my husband would have to take over… it got to the point where i could no longer do up my own buttons, my body was not functioning and it had eaten up every bit of muscle I had because of the starvation!!

So enter phase ll… 2008 2 years later I had lost 3 stone and thought I was pretty fly ha ha……. Then the disaster happened.  We went clothes shopping and whilst in the Matalan changing room I caught a glimpse of myself OH MY GOD!!!!!!!  I think at this stage I was about 9.5 stone which sounds ok right?  But then why did i look so jelly like, no shape just a blob?  From that moment on I vowed to address my damaging behaviour and promised to get myself AWESOME on the inside not just on the outside…. But where to begin..

When you started, did you feel it was hard to believe you could really do it, or was being fit and toned too hard to imagine back then.

I didn’t know where to go, who to speak to.. even worse family were saying I was being ridiculous, after 9.5 stone is hardly over weight!! But yet I knew something wasn’t right but couldn’t explain it..  I saw an advert for P90x and my husband and I bought it and began following the program, boy was that hard!!  Then one day i was watching Peter Andre’s show and saw Nick Mitchell from UP Fitness- I knew instantly that i wanted to meet this man, knew he would have the answer.. and guess what he and his team did.

For the first time ever I had my body fat measured with callipers and finally, finally hard the explanation I needed as to why if my weight was low did I look and feel so god damn fat!!

I was thee “skinny fat person”.

Yup that’s right, not an ounce of muscle on me, just bone and fat.  Why? Well because of all the crash dieting, my body desperately trying to protect me!! Ohhhhhh boy…. that is the very moment that my little me climbed up and lit the match to ignite the fire to change and in 1 year and 3 months I have NEVER looked back!!!!

Do you think that having a healthy body has helped improve your healthy mind?

I suffered from depression for many years, insomnia was my enemy and I spent so much time ruminating… Wish someone had told me to get off my arse and go for a walk!!! A healthy body and healthy mind is a marriage, you cannot have one without the other.  I am grateful every day for the physical changes, but I am also so so happy that my mind is in such a healthy place and so much stronger to deal with things

You really like to encourage girls to support each other, can you tell me more about how you noticed how we treat each other, and share some of your thoughts on this?

It is something i am hugely passionate about.  I never had this support when I was overweight, depressed and especially when i was supposedly at an ideal weight, but in a bad place.   Sadly we live in a world where it becomes so easy to judge each other, sabotage each other’s attempts- not out of hate but out of our own longing to change.  The fact of the matter is.. what means more to you, a man wolf whistling you as you walk down a street or the girl that comes up to you in the supermarket and says she thinks you look amazing?  We love to have the approval of other women and we know oh so well how good it makes you feel when another girl offers you encouragement.  It works both ways though Barbara, I am not talking about just slim women being kind to overweight women… slimmer women also have their demons, troubles and doubts.

Its ok to be envious, it’s ok to feel that knot in your belly when you see an attractive woman- it doesn’t make you a bad person!!! Hell I’m always saying to my hubby “oh god look at her legs, look at her arse” lol… but do girls every consider paying that person a compliment?  Probably not because they think she doesn’t  need it… bet she does!

My main focus is creating an environment where between girls we can have a safe haven and show some honesty, get real and say the things that they really think- without fear of being judged, demeaned or shamed.  I believe that is where the core of what needs to be changed, lies.  I had so many questions I wanted to ask but was always too afraid to ask them.. I want to change that.

How do you make time to work out and make good food choices, while being a busy mum?

I’m going to be controversial and say “I got selfish”

I can hear it now, the mums going well alright for her, but i cant…..  YES you can.  At one point I was working FOUR jobs, running a home with a hubby, 2 kids and 2 crazy dogs!!  Its not easy at first but you get used to it.  I know people may think but that’s cruel putting yourself before your kids, but in fact I am giving them something priceless… I strong, healthy and happy mummy.  I cant make time for you, nor can your trainer.  Sit down and plan your week, preparation is key.  Let your kids go to an extra club once a week and use that time to train? Get up an hour earlier… Rope hubby in, let him cook twice a week while you nip off to the gym.  Sunday afternoon make it family cook up time, get everyone involved and prepare meals for the week.  The fact is, it IS possible and I am proof of that!

Have you found all your friends and family to be supportive of the new you, or have you been surprised at some of the reactions?

The straight answer is no.

This is why women need to support each other and create support networks.  I very rarely meet anyone that have had supportive extended family ie parents and siblings.  They do not tend to like change and the more you change, they feel that their failures are exposed.  I am gradually learning not to seek approval from those areas, as it will usually lead to upset on my part.  I do not however feel hateful towards those people, I try to consider the bigger picture and know that they too have their insecurities and that when they berate you, tell you you’ve gone too far, look disgusting- that really that is just a shadow of how unhappy they feel inside.

Accept it, move on and seek support networks in other women with similar goals, who won’t attempt to sabotage your efforts.

Would you ever compete?

Wow, up until now I would have said not in a million years; however I have just entered Miss Galaxy Universe.  I have entered this competition because its rather different to other competitions.  Really sense of sisterhood, everyone is appreciative and respectful of other peoples physical and emotionally journey and for me I hope it to become symbolic of how far I’ve come.  I am not in it to win it, just loving being a part of something with other girls

What is your absolute favourite exercise?

Deadlifts. Not only does it work my weakest parts, but I love the stress it releases when you concentrate and focus… feel almost cleansed of your troubles after a set..

Any favourite recipes you can share with our readers?

Hmmmm well those who know me, know that im a sucker for wastage.  I have a tight budget so hate to waste anything!! My favourite recipe is making my own nut milk (soak choice of nuts over night, rinse and then refill next day, blitz in a blender and then strain through a sieve)  Rather than ditch the left over mush, I like to put it in a bowl and added blended dates and some coconut flour and then roll into balls, roll the balls in coconut and hey presto a delicious treat and more importantly no waste!

What are your personal goals for 2013?

My goals for 2013 are to follow on from my Precision Nutrition Certification.. nutrition is a never ending study. I hope to certify as a BioSignature Practitioner by the end of the year and I hope to develop my learning of the emotional and motivational side of nutrition and change.  My personal goal is to hit sub 14% body fat, to fully deadlift at least twice my bodyweight (PB 108kg) and to be able to do chin ups in double figures!!

Interview by Barbara Graham through our Facebook resource – Beginners Guide to Getting Ripped – Check it out for more tips and information

You can follow Lucy’s continued journey, fitness and inspirational tips on her Facebook Page. Be sure to like it, share it and get involved.

You’ve worked hard all week, you deserve a night off.

Friday, October 28th, 2011

When you spend enough time with people who have similar goals, you start to see patterns emerging. One that I have become more and more aware of is the idea of the ‘night off’.

Most people work hard all week and when the weekend comes, they naturally feel deserving of a break from being strict, healthy or sensible. And if that is what keeps you going through the week, then you should be free to make that choice.

However, I am reminded of something Anthony Robbins once said, that ‘people spend their entire week wishing it away in order to get to a 2 day period, during which they do things to their body that stops them from remembering it’.

And I’m sure, if that doesn’t apply to you, you know of people who it does.

Chances are (being on this site) you have a goal, be it fat loss, muscle building or toning, and you want to achieve. And hopefully, if you have read my other posts, you have an emotional attachment to that goal.

But often even the most driven people continue with the idea that, if they push hard all week and eat healthy, they earn the right to splurge. Maybe it’s just one night per week or a couple per month.

However, what I would like people to understand is that one night per week isn’t simply the sum total of that night.

A few drinks and junk food on a Friday usually leads to poor sleep, dehydration (which puts a strain on the activity of your liver – compromising its ability to mobilize stored fats)  and a long lie.

Activity levels on Saturday are then, like it or not, at a lower level. Your system is still working hard to reset (so digestion and fat burning remain compromised).

Then there is the craving for fried food or more savory junk food. That, in turn, leaves you feeling poor for most of the day with the idea of eating something nutritious or healthy being the furthest thing from your mind.

You may try hitting the gym, but your level is not at its usual standard. You might laugh it off gaining lots of sympathy from those who have been there before, but that isn’t getting the work done and is simply a sub-standard session.

You probably haven’t consumed enough water to fully re-hydrate.

Later you may prepare a higher quality meal, but either over eat (mistaking thirst for hunger) or not eat enough, as you still feel a touch fragile.

At night you may consider a ‘hair of the dog’ remedy to carry you through, when actually an early night would be preferable.

Come Sunday, you may feel better, but given your sub-optimal Saturday, chances are you are still not firing on all levels.

That whole process could go on to affect a further 2 or 3 days. I’ve seen people destroy and entire week from with one night.

If that is what you choose to do, great. Just do it in the knowledge that one night is not just the sum of its intake. Its effects on your progress can be exponentially higher. Only by accepting that can you truly determine if the benefits outweigh any losses to your progress..

So next time you reach for that ‘one’ glass of wine, that ‘one’ beer, that ‘one’ pizza slice. Just remember it is not just the calories you are consuming that count, it is the total effect on your system over the subsequent hours and days.

A malteser may only be ’11 calories of naughyness’, but the hormonal effects are so much more and that should be considered before you justify its consumption.

Make informed choices not those justified through emotional logic or advertising.

If you truly want to change or progress, then make your choice and don’t compromise.

But what do you think?

Too strict?

Do you find you can overcome the ‘hangover’ effects and get straight back on track?

Or is this something that has been holding you back and you have just been kidding yourself?

Comment below and let me know.

A Lesson from Steve Jobs

Monday, October 17th, 2011

The morning we all woke up and heard on the news or read in the paper that Steve Jobs, creator and (former) SEO of apple had died from a  respiratory arrest resulting from the spread of his pancreatic cancer, it was a huge shock to most of us.

Obviously the world has lost a major visionary who seemed to have an incredible talent for ‘getting it right’. (Remember, not only did he found Apple and shape the dominant future that it ended up having, but he also had the foresight to see the potential in a little known company called Pixar). But what does he have to do with a site dedicated to health, fitness and physique training?

Quite simply, his death has re-enforced a point I’ve been trying to enforce for some time now. That you cannot buy your health back once it has gone.

If you have already read the article I wrote on [intlink id=”901″ type=”post”]Work Getting in the way of Training & Results[/intlink], you will remember that I made the point that we work to live not the other way around.

That said, Steve Jobs demonstrated a counter to that, in that he found a career that was more of a passion than a job and that is something we should all really be striving for. I know that by switching to the career I have now I am much happier for it, as it is more of a passion than a job. But regardless, if you don’t have balance in your life you don’t have anything.

If your job is just a job (you work for someone else) then there is absolutely no excuse for sacrificing your health, fitness and wellbeing in order to make someone else richer. However, even if you do have a career path that you are passionate about, without your health you will never be able to achieve the targets you have set yourself and your career will come to a very abrupt halt.

Just remember, without your health you have nothing and you can achieve nothing. So whilst it may feel like other things are more important, nothing comes close to the importance of your health.

You may well think that skipping a meal or chowing down on a candy bar ‘just this once’ isn’t going to hurt. Or that you can skip the gym today and you will catch up tomorrow. But these things very quickly become habit forming and ‘just this once’ becomes a regular occurrence. “How you do anything is how you do Everything!”

Just to be clear, Steve Jobs did not die due to a lack of exercise or nutrition (that I know of) but I only sight him as an example as he was worth, at the time of his death, around $7 Billion, yet no amount of money could change the course of his health.

The point being, there are things that could affect your health regardless, but rather than creating them yourself through poor diet, over stress, lack of exercise and poor sleep patterns, isn’t it about time to take a step back and realize that the most important commodity you have is your health and start making the most of it?

As the man said himself:

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me…” – Steve Jobs 1993

Why are we here?

Monday, June 29th, 2009

I was 11 years old, but even then I had an ego. I wanted to do things bigger and better than anyone else. I wanted to be known for something. I wanted to make an impact. What did I enjoy the most? I really liked drawing. I liked creating. But, I also enjoyed puzzles and I was good at them. Perhaps I could be an artist and have my artwork hanging in the most famous galleries around the world? People would come and look at my work and it would have an influence (hopefully a positive one) on how they were feeling. Yes, I’ll be an artist!

But wait! That’s not big enough!

I can vaguely remember thinking this as I walked up a busy high street with my parents. It was a bright summers day and as I looked up at the historic buildings around me I thought, “Wow! Some of these buildings really are amazing.” A few minutes later, we walked passed a small art gallery and I thought about one of my pieces hanging on the wall. That’s when it struck me. Why not create the wall and the room and the building the pieces are laid out in? Why not create the galleries and the museums and homes that the pieces were to be displayed in? That would be big! That would make an impact! How do I do that?

It was from that point on my future was set. I’d be an Architect!

It was a job I’d love. I’d be drawing, designing, creating and I’d be influencing the world. I would have a chance to have a positive impact on every person who either used the buildings I designed or even entered their vicinity.

For the next six years I pushed my studies in exactly that direction. I played a lot of sports, football, ice hockey, golf etc. and I loved it. Occasionally I dreamed of being a professional footballer or hockey player. But it always came back to Architecture. At the age of 17 I enrolled at University and signed away the next 7 years of my life. I was designing potentially iconic buildings. One of my earliest designs at university was for a Sculpture studio and gallery. It was only a project, but in a few years, this would be real!

After 7 years of study I was set upon the real world. I had no illusions. I wouldn’t be going out to immediately design galleries and museums. I’d have to start small. And so, with my first full scale project I set about designing a scheme for a housing association. I worked with the community council and really felt that I was helping improve the lives of the local residents. When it completed, they all seemed extremely happy with the results and so I felt happy. But, it hadn’t been exactly as I’d thought. Part of the process was design, but much was a balance of politics and finance. How to control costs as the contractor sought to increase their profits. And everyone had to have their input, whether it made sense or not

But, it was a start. I had made a mark.

Over the following 6 years I worked on more housing schemes, designer flats, special needs units, a golf course clubhouse, hotels, a £14,000,000 community school complete with sports complex, gymnastics club, a library, high level outdoor all weather sports facilities and public art, as well as small and large scale office blocks. I hadn’t been anywhere near a gallery or a museum, but I had been making an impact. Hadn’t I?

Well the thing is that over all of those projects the same issues had occurred each time. Number one was always money. Now companies have to survive and profits are necessary, therefore budgets have to be adhered to. But these budgets are set at the start and there is a design team in place with experts in each field of the design to ensure that budget is achieved. But in every case the contractor then looked to use cheaper alternatives to those designed in order to increase their profits, the developer will look for savings on the design to maximise their returns, the Structural Engineer will over specify to protect his insurance as with the Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and everyone will be looking to push the blame or workload elsewhere even before it happens.

As lead designer, it would therefore be my job to juggle these issues, deal with the faxes and emails trying to resolve them. Go to meetings where everyone would argue their case and little would be resolved as no one was there to change their mind. All of which cost time and therefore money, which lead to more costs to the contract and more savings required.

What no one seemed overly concerned about was that these buildings had a purpose. Their very presence would have an impact on everyone and everything in the area. Shouldn’t we be creating the best environment we possibly could? Shouldn’t we be maximising the experience for the end user? Wasn’t there more to this than cost per square meter rates? It didn’t seem so.

I came into this to make a difference. To enhance the world and lives of those around me and to an extent I was. I was enhancing the bank balance of already wealthy companies whose number one concern was the size of their profits.

There were degrees of this and some were better than others, but it was always a factor somewhere along the lines. And every morning I would have to get out of bed and go to work knowing this was my lot in life. This was the path I had chosen and morally it felt extremely uncomfortable.

Over my time studying at university and the early years of working, sport had become much less a part of my existence and junk food a greater one. As I spent my nights fighting the fatigue in order to work through the night, fizzy drinks, pizza and sweets became my allies.

Then in January of 2004, my then girlfriend decided she wanted to join a gym. I had started to feel I was getting a bit too much out of shape and had taken to wearing black at all times and sizes that were just that little bit too big so my shape wasn’t clearly visible. So I signed up too and booked in for an evaluation. When I got the results I couldn’t believe it. My body fat percentage was 27% (for my age anything above 22% was dangerously obese!). So I got handed my programme and I stuck to it. After a few weeks I realized it wasn’t getting me anywhere. I asked someone else to review it and was told what I had been given was awful and wasn’t nearly hard enough (I had been given a leg press weight of 40kg for example – My review put me on 90kg which was still comfortably manageable) so I got a new programme and I stuck to that.

To me, this was a new puzzle. If I didn’t know any better I would trust the experts to guide me and do exactly what they told me. But, I don’t like doing things blindly. I wanted to know why I was doing what I was doing and I began to study. I researched everything; took nothing at face value; I listened openly to every theory and opinion and weighed up its merits. If it didn’t make any sense, I discarded it. If it had any merit, I would research it some more or try it out on myself to see the results.

Over the past 3 or 4 years I have absorbed as much information as I could, spending several hours every day reading, researching or querying anything health and fitness related. Anything I didn’t understand I’d delve deeper. It was fascinating. The rules were generally simple, but the intricacies so very complex and debatable.

Over my first 6 weeks training my body fat fell to 21.5% after 6 months I was down to 12% (considered very lean) and by the end of the year I was down to 10%. This was all while still working full time as an Architectect.

After a while I started training with others, answering queries on training and diet, helping out friends and family and through a bit of an accident I started doing a bit of online life coaching and social coaching. I had started out trying to sort myself out and improve my self image, but I had ended up helping others.

This is what I’d been looking for all along. An improved self image helped me feel happier and being in the company of others who were feeling good about themselves was a much nicer place to be. So the more people I could help, the happier the world around me and that happiness would be infectious spreading further and further. This is how I could make an impact. This could be my reason for being and the more people I could help the better.

I had already started courses in fitness and nutrition for my own benefit & knowledge, so why not use that as a vehicle to start me off?

So for the past 4 years I have been coaching people part time. I have worked with people all over the world, from America, Africa, Europe and around the UK. This is where my passion now lies and if I am to help as many people as possible I had to spend more time doing it. So towards the end of 2008 I made a decision to save for a few months and then dive into full time coaching and training and so, with much trepidation, I did.

My goal is to reach as many people as possible and to help everyone I can whenever I can. I’ve spent the past 5 years researching and will continue to do so, in order that you don’t have to. If I can help everyone reading this improve even one small part of their lives in a way that makes them feel better about themselves, then this will have been worthwhile.

Everyone is unique. Everyone’s targets, goals & dreams are a puzzle and as I said, I’m good at puzzles. I’ve been studying the research and solutions, the marketing and the lies behind them for 5 years now and I have seen with my own eyes what works and what doesn’t. What is true for some, what is true for all and what is merely marketing hype to increase sales and make rich companies richer. I am a designer, a problem solver, a coach and a student. I am here to help you realize your full potential in any way possible. I am looking to help you design and shape your future the way you want it. Your health and wellbeing is something you must hold on to. Medical science is improving all the time, but the analogy that “if you don’t lose it, you lose it” is so very true and one that can never be overcome.

All those hours overtime you are putting in to save for a better future. What use are they if you don’t have the energy or vitality to enjoy it? I do understand the pressures – trust me, I’ve been there! But it is possible to deal with both and I’m here to help whenever possible.

Health and fitness is the key to a happy, prosperous life and is something genuinely worth investing in.

If you have any questions or queries about anything I post here or indeed anything health and fitness related, or if you are interested in arranging a consultation regarding one to one coaching (Currently in Glasgow – this is also free or charge) please get in touch by emailing:

or calling 0141 41 60 348

Or if there are any topics you would like to see covered in future articles, please put them on an email and I’ll try to include them in future posts.

Also, if you know of anyone who might benefit from these articles, please let them know where to come.

I’m going to kick off with a very simple little debate, but one it took me a while to get to grips with. The benefits/ evils of Butter and Margarine. I think you might be surprised by what you read. I hope it is of interest.

In the meantime, be strong, stay healthy and be your very best self.


Thanks for dropping in

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

This part of the site is an area where I intend to add pieces of diet, exercise, health & fitness information on a regular basis that I hope you will find useful in your journey of self improvement.

My goal when I started out in the fitness & coaching field was to help as many people as possible achieve the life & self image they desired. That is as true today as it has always been and as such, I don’t feel that anyone should be deprived of good information and the tools to move forward just because they can’t afford to pay for them.

The media is constantly bombarding us with the information they want us to have rather than the truth. Fortunately, with the rise of the internet, it is now easier than ever to get the right information. However, that is in itself a double edged sword, as there is now so much information that it is easy to get lost in the sheer volume of information being thrown at you.

When I first started out researching for myself I quickly began to realise that there are many quality sources of information already available and I would hear the same good information quoted again and again. Therefore, I started to assume that it was commonplace and most people would now be aware of the truth behind the propeganda of the advertising world. Yet, even now, I am constantly shocked by just how wrong that assumption was. Every day (several time per day usually) I hear the same false comments and claims being made. The same reasoning of how this exercise reigime or that diet is the right way to go. You can’t eat this or that is healthy and will help you lose weight. And every time I hear these ‘facts’ I still cringe inside at how mislead we as a nation have been.

It is no wonder heart disease and obesity are at an all time high.

So it is my hope, through these articles and updates, to try and add to that change. To add information on diet, exercise & lifestyle choices that I hope you will be able to take away and use to improve your awareness and make more informed, unbiased choices. Rather than relying on what someone wants you to believe in order to sell you their product.

I’ve been in the same position as most of the population, where I believed things to be true because the argument was so compelling and no one was there to tell me any different. I’ve had to seek out the truth through a great deal of study and research, which I now hope can be of benefit to you.

I will also be using this area for general thoughts and ideas that I may just throw out and from time to time I will let you know what I’m up to and of any events or products I’m working on. I may even suggest other products or resources that I feel are worth looking at.

That said, I can assure you that this will never become a sales pitch. I hate reading adverts or being sold to as much as anyone and I will never inflict that on the people who have taken time out of their day to come here and put their trust in what I have to say. When I add information or advice, it is simply that. I will never promote a product I haven’t tried and noticed good results with, I will never mention anything I don’t think is worthy of your interest. Take this information and use it as you see fit. I will endevour to remain balanced in my views and present both sides of the argument to allow you to make informed choices.

I hope this page is of use to you in your quest for self improvement and that you come back often.

If you’d like to keep up to date with what is going on here then either register on this blog (you don’t HAVE to leave a comment) or sign up for the free download in the box on at the side of each page.

Again, thank you for taking the time to come to my site and thank you for taking enough interest in yourself, your health & fitness and your self image to want to make a difference. I hope you achieve the life you are looking for.